Charmed - S10 Extended Trailer

Alyssa MILANO as Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGOWAN as Paige Matthews
Brian KRAUSE as Leo Wyatt
Portia de ROSSI as Patience
and Holly Marie COMBS as Piper Halliwell

guest star: Julian McMAHON as Cole Turner

Promo Rose McGowan:
Promo Alyssa Milano:
Promo Holly Marie Combs:
Opening Season 10:
Opening Season 10 version 2:

Charmed - Promo S10

Starring Holly Marie COMBS as ‘Piper Halliwell’

And that’s a second promo video!
Charmed - Season 10 - Respect
Written by Paul Ruditis
Starring Alyssa Milano as “Phoebe”