Charmed - S10 Extended Trailer

Alyssa MILANO as Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGOWAN as Paige Matthews
Brian KRAUSE as Leo Wyatt
Portia de ROSSI as Patience
and Holly Marie COMBS as Piper Halliwell

guest star: Julian McMAHON as Cole Turner

Promo Rose McGowan:
Promo Alyssa Milano:
Promo Holly Marie Combs:
Opening Season 10:
Opening Season 10 version 2:

And that’s a second promo video!
Charmed - Season 10 - Respect
Written by Paul Ruditis
Starring Alyssa Milano as “Phoebe”

My new vid - THE WITCH IS BACK!
Charmed - Season 10 by Zenescope Entertainment
Written by Paul Ruditis
Starring Rose McGowan as ‘Paige’

Power Of 3.


Here’s to a THIRD year with you all.

When I started this page 3 years ago, I only wanted to have a blog page, to rant about my pathetic life and what I wanted to do and become. I never expected to find so many people leading pathetic lives. No offence intended. I’m gonna explain.

I have found on Tumblr such crazy people with crazy dreams and rants, fandoms, people venting all over the place, feeling like their lives are pathetic, and none of them wanting their own friends and families to shit over that.

I love this place. I met so many great people. All of you. I like your posts, reblog them, share them, and I share, like and reblog YOUR dreams, your ships, your expectations and doubts and joys.

You made my blog a giant box where I keep all my thoughts and I am diving in them whenever I feel like reminding me where I started and where I am now.

To all of you. Especially my SVU family. Thank you.

To the Charmed fanatics. Thanks for keeping the show alive.

To all the pop music lovers. Thanks for sharing the key moments the songs you love defined.

To those who really blog about their lives. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone.

What I expect from this year? Nothing. I just want to be free. To have my own place. To finish my short-film project. A story about love, of course. Enjoying my family. See my brother and old friends. Embrace what’s important.

I want to introduce the Blog of The Month section. This month’s blog is Le Consolant. A page created by my great friend Andy. Link’s on the left side of this page. A new layout has been introduced, too.

I love you all.

Happy New Year.